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NG  Plus 1-4  ,NX ,  M


Picture 1
Unscrew the 2 bolts of the micro tube from the seeder.

Picture 2
Shorten the drop tube by 10 cm from the basis.

Pictures 3 and 4
Install the QDC-DXP® diffuser on the extension tubes

  • The blue (P36) corresponds to the left side of the seeder unit.
  • The white one (engraved P36D) for the installation on the right side of the seeder unit.

Put the clamp on the top of the tube and tighten it slightly.

Picture 5
Put the assembly in the seeder, making sure to hold the micro tube mounting plate vertically and adjust by rotating the extension tube to align the diffuser with the vertical axis.

Make sure the diffuser is correctly facing backwards to diffuse the microgranules.

Picture 6
Tighten the clamp and diffuser permanently.