Which kit QDC-DXP®

Brand Model /Type Discs or Ploughshares Kits
Kverneland / Accord Optima NT Ploughshares QDC-DXP® - ACS
Amazone ED , ED Contour Ploughshares QDC-DXP® - AMA
Gaspardo SP Ploughshares QDC-DXP® - S
Kuhn / Nodet Pneumasem I & II, Planter II Ploughshares QDC-DXP® - S
Kuhn Planter III Ploughshares QDC-DXP® - PL3
Monosem PNU , NG , NC Ploughshares QDC-DXP® - S
kverneland Optima HD II Discs QDC-DXP® - ACHDE
Amazone Precea 4500 Discs QDC-DXP® - AMA 4500
Gaspardo MT 600 , Magica Discs QDC-DXP® - D
Horsch Maestro Discs QDC-DXP® - D
John Deere Max Emerge 7000 Discs QDC-DXP® - JD
Kuhn Maxima I & II Discs QDC-DXP® - D
Monosem NG Plus, 2,3,4 ,M - NX ,NX2 Discs QDC-DXP® - D
Sola Prosem Discs QDC-DXP® - D
Vaderstad Tempo Discs QDC-DXP®- VAD
Accord Kverneland Optima HD Discs
Matermacc Discs
Sfoggia Sigma -Discover Disc Contact us
Mascar Maxi Discs
Kongskilde Becker Precisem /Aeromat Discs
Other seeders Discs/Ploughshares

Microgranulator settings

For more details on micrograulator settings, we recommend to contact your seeder retailer or manufacturer.

SBM Développement declines all liability for the efficacy of the soil microgranule insecticide products approved and manufactured by SBM Développement or its subsidiaries («SBM Microgranules»), requiring the use of the QDC-DXP® in the following cases:

– If SBM Micro Granules are applied with non-recommended equipment, or if the QDC-DXP® diffuser assembly or the settings are not compliant with the technical specifications given by the company or its dealers.

– If SBM Micro Granules are not applied with the QDC-DXP® diffuser specially designed to do so, or if the application is carried out without a diffuser.

As the QDC-DXP® diffuser was specifically designed for the application of SBM microgranules. SBM Développement declines all liability for the use of the QDC-DXP® to apply products other than SBM Microgranules.

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