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Maxima type 1 & 2


Picture 1
Proceed with the wheel disassembly of the seeder component and remove the wheel. On some models it is necessary to remove the wheel arm.

Picture 2
Remove the beveled black plastic drop tube from its holder.

Picture 3
The black plastic drop tube has to be shortened at the elbow and at the base of the bevel. Fit the 25 mm QDC-DXP® diffuser directly on the black plastic tube.

Picture 4
Put back the tube and the diffuser as they were placed before and adjust them well to avoid any contact with the stainless steel wheel. Turn the diffuser towards the back for a good micro granule distribution.

Picture 5
Proceed with the reassembly of the seeder wheel or of the arm.

Check its position after a few hours of operation and generally throughout your seeding campaign.