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John Deere


Picture 1
The seeder with the micro granular insecticide design has a flexible microgranule tube for each seeding unit. They can be purchased as spare parts from your John Deere distributor. Item number A37494.

Picture 2 and 3
Install the John Deere MaxEmerge™ holder supplied in the kit.

Picture 4
Put the John Deere drop tube into the rubber tube and fix it with the clamp.

Picture 5
The assembly will be installed in the hole provided for this purpose on the rear part of the of the seeder.

Picture 6
And then in the holder beforehand installed.

Picture 7 8 and 9
Assemble the QDC-DXP®-JD diffuser and secure it to the rubber tube using the clamp.

Picture 9 10 and 11
Place and center the QDC-DXP®-JD diffuser vertically and in line with the sowing furrow.

If necessary, the diffuser height can be adjusted by shortening the flexible rubber tube.

Check the condition of your diffusers, their positioning and fixing after a few hours of operation and more generally throughout your seeding campaign.