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Picture 1
Unscrew the two 12 mm diameter bolts from the rear packing wheel support. Attach the previously assembled support/leg parts to this place.

Picture 2
Cut a 10 cm section from the black plastic tube.

Picture 3

Assemble the white corrugated tube, the two threaded rod clamps and the QDC-DXP®-JD diffuser with the brown rubber tube and secure this assembly with clamps.

Picture 4
Put the assembly shown on picture 3 on the support/metal bracket and fix it with the threaded rod clamps. Carefully align the diffuser in the axis of the coulter.

Picture 5

Set and fix the assembly in place by adjusting it to the optimum height. To ensure the proper spreading and distribution of the micro-granular product, the QDC-DXP®-JD diffuser should be adjusted to a height of approximately 5 cm above the seeding or working line of the sowing unit

Fix the tube with the hose of the KVERNELAND microgranulator, check the positioning of the diffusers after a few hours of operation and in general throughout your seeding campaign.