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Contour ED


Picture 1
Unscrew the black plastic nut behind the component housing and place the metal bracket against the angled and drilled hole. Also use the black nut on the same side of the box to fix the right metal bracket

Picture 2

Place the QDC-DXP®-JD diffuser and its rubber mount on the black tube of the kit. Place the 2 metal threaded rod clamps supplied with the kit on the black tube to secure the assembly

Picture 3

Secure the tube with the diffuser to the angled metal bracket with a threaded rod clamp and to the straight metal bracket above the tube with a threaded rod clamp as well

Picture 4
The QDC-DXP®-JD diffuser is designed to be placed at the top of the coulter to ensure proper spreading and distribution of the micro granular material. It needs to be above the working line corresponding to the paint abrasion on the share

Picture 5
Install the white corrugated tube of the kit on the black tube and attach it to the cyclone which shall be fixed to the rear part of the seed box of the seeder. Fix these assemblies with metal collars

Check the diffusers setting after a few hours of operation and generally throughout the sowing campaign.