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PNU, NG and NC


Picture 1
Shorten the black tube by 10 cm.

Picture 2
Fit the QDC-DXP-JD® diffuser to the rubber tube. Use metal hose clamps to assemble these components.

Picture 3
Assemble the 2 metal bracket plates using the two 6×20 screws and the corresponding nuts and fix the assembly to the black plastic plate using 2 6×20 screws and nuts. Make sure to fit the black plate with the hollow towards the metal part.

Picture 4
Insert the black tube into the threaded hose clamps.

Picture 5
Cut the white corrugated hose to 15 cm.

Picture 6
Shorten the black tube by 6 cm on the large diameter side.

Picture 7
Assembling the different elements and parts.

Picture 8
Position the assembly on the seed drill frame using the 50 mm wide flange / jumper.

Picture 9
Adjust and fix the assembly so that the diffuser is centred in line with the coulter and set to the correct height. The diffuser should always be at least 5 cm above the seed line to guarantee good product distribution

Connect this tube/diffuser assembly with the hose from the Monosem microgranulator. Check the diffuser positions after a few hours of use and generally throughout your sowing campaign.

Special case : MONOSEM NG models

Same assembly and positioning as the PNU.

Picture 10
2 set rings are needed to secure the assembly to the seed drill. To do that, cut the Z-shape part 2 cm from the edge.

Picture 11
These 2 set rings have to be positioned on the fixing U-bolt.