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Picture 1
The seeder with the micro granular insecticide design has a micro granular tube for each seeding unit, which drops to the seed furrow behind the gauge wheels. Remove the original lowering holder.

The Vaderstad micro granulator drop pipe has an internal diameter of 32 mm, the reduction is ensured through a black plastic cone and a ringed pipe end of 18 mm which is fixed on the metal support supplied with the kit.

Pictures 2 and 3

Secure the cone + pipe using the metal clamps. The QDC-DXP® diffuser will be fixed with its reducer.

Picture 4

If necessary, adjust the diffuser height by cutting the Vaderstad holder supplied in the kit.

Pictures 5 and 6
To align the elements with each other in length and height, install the assembly and adjust it with the bolts of the metal support.

Picture 7

The QDC-DXP® 25 mm diffuser shall be rear-facing with its vane.

Check the positioning, the setting and the fixing of your diffusers after a few hours of operation and more generally throughout your seeding campaign.