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Gaspardo MT, MTE, MAGICA


Remove the seeder wheel by the wheel arm bolt.

Pictures 1 and 2
Remove the drop tube from its place by unscrewing the fixing nut. It is necessary to release the plate fixing the distribution box to ease the tube’s insertion and removal.

Picture 3
Cut the micro insecticide tube in its pointed part at about 8 to 12 cm from the tip depending on the micro tube models.

Picture 4
Put the tube back in its original place without securing it.

Picture 5
Set up the QDC-DXP® diffuser and clamp it to the reducer, then install and tighten the clamp very slightly on the reducer.

Picture 6
Put the whole assembly on the Gaspardo’s micro tube, showing the reducer and the diffuser from the bottom.

Picture 7
Adjust and tighten the clamp to ensure that the QDC-DXP® diffuser vane is facing backwards.

Picture 8
Lastly, fix the plate again to block the distribution box.

Clamp the drop tube to the unit body, reinstall the tube from the micro granulator and reassemble the wheel.